Let me start by saying that I hate doing this. Venting. I hate it. It makes me feel like I’m perpetually whining about this and that, that I’m never happy with where I am and that I take my privilege for granted. That said, I don’t see any other path to take but this, for a healthy outlet to emotions that would otherwise slowly eat me up from the inside, like rust devouring iron. So, I vent. To friends (thanks, KT), to my cats, and on here.

A rotten pea in a pod

Not long ago, someone reached out on LinkedIn with a connection request and…

As I write this, my heart beats several paces above normal. It’s not from working out. I skipped the gym today, blaming it on the mountain-high workload that I had to finish. I did the same yesterday.

But I know, deep down (and I’m finally admitting it) why I skipped the gym — my primary avenue for endorphins that I desperately need to deal with my mild-yet-chronic depression; a safe space that has never failed to calm my nerves when my anxiety tries to take over my already-chaotic Type A mind; a place where I can vent out and cry…

Travel is a great blessing, or a privilege (for those who stay wary of the former term); this is a personal feeling, something close to my heart and being, and something that I share with millions across the globe.

I, and possibly you, have an innate drive, an urge, an itch, perhaps even a calling, to travel. To go beyond the borders of what we call home, to cast ourselves out in the unknown, and to come back richer in experiences and stories. But what if you don’t have that urge? …

I’ve always had a not-very-uncommon outlook on life. Growing up, I’ve always wanted to be fiercely independent, paying my own bills, repairing my own TV, fixing my own mess and the like. I’ve always wanted to be the best in any room — the smartest, the funniest, and the one who everyone would want to talk to. Add to this, I grew accustomed to a certain lifestyle, one that was only fuelled by my desire to make my purchases, big-ticket or small, without taking a peek at the price tag. Like I said — a not-very-uncommon outlook.

While I was…

Niviya Vas

Honorary wing-woman | Wears custom cat fur-covered outfits | Word-vomits about travel on commonerscauseway.com

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